Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead: What are Steelhead?

The Steelhead is the anadromous form of Rainbow Trout,
which means this species of steelhead-trout goes to the ocean,
Salmon , then the steelhead returns to the stream of their
birth to spawn.  The latin name for Steelhead is Oncorhynchus

Steelhead:  How Big do Steelhead Get?

Steelhead range in size from 5-25lbs.  The average steelhead
weighs around 8-15lbs although steelhead have been caught in
the 30-40lb range this is not typical.

Steelhead:  Where can I find Steelhead?

Steelhead are found in the north pacific and the streams that can
find their way to the north pacific.

Steelhead can be found in many steelhead bearing streams that
have a path to the ocean for the steelhead to feed and grow
before the steelhead return to the stream of their birth after 1-4

Steelhead Fishing: Seattle Steelhead Fishing

If you're lucky enough to live near or be travelling to or visiting the
Greater Seattle Area, then you are in luck!  Seattle is surrounded
by abundant native and hatchery steelhead fishing opportunities.

If you want to catch steelhead near Seattle and are looking for a
steelhead fishing guide give us a call or book entirely online at the
top of this page.

Steelhead Fishing: Portland Steelhead Fishing

There is also abundant steelhead fishing near Portland, Oregon.  
Being in the north pacific in a populated area means chances are
you will be in the Pacific NW at some point and when you are you
better take the opportunity to catch a winter steelhead or a
summer steelhead!

Steelhead Fishing:  Pacific NW Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead:  Hatchery Steelhead & Native Steelhead

Steelhead can be native steelhead, naturally occuring strains of
steelhead spawn naturally in their home waters and hatchery
steelhead are hatches from eggs in a steelhead hatchery and
released into steelhead streams as steelhead smolt.  

Hatchery steelhead smolt grow in the stream gaining strenth for
their journey to the ocean.

Steelhead smolt are released in the hundreds of thousands in
Washington State which makes steelhead fishing a fun adventure.

Washington State Steelhead Smolt Count:

You can track steelhead smolt counts for Washington State
Steelhead Rivers on the WDFW website here:

Steelhead Timing:  When is the best time to catch steelhead?

Steelhead generally consist of 2 runs.  Winter run steelhead and
summer run steelhead.

Steelhead Fishing:  Summer Steelhead

Summer Steelhead Fishing is usually best from June through
August in the Pacific NW and Summer Steelhead can be caught
even into Janury!

Summer Steelhead are generally smaller than winter steelhead
but they are very hard fighting and lots of fun to catch.

Steelhead Fishing:  Winter Steelhead

Winter Steelhead Fishing generally occurs from October through
April each year.  Winter and Summer Steelhead can be caught in
May - so there really are adult steelhead ready to catch in the
Pacific NW year round.

Steelhead:  Interesting Steehead Facts

Steelhead:  A group of steelhead trout are called a hover

Steelhead can spawn and return to the ocean to complete the
spawn ocean cycle several times unlike salmon who die after
spawning one time

Offspring of 2 steelhead can stay in a stream their whole life as a
resident trout or rainbow trout and the offpsring of 2 rainbow trout
can go to the ocean as a steelhead trout.
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